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A Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation - Established for Charitable and Educational Purposes
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Innovation through Leadership
October 22-24, 2015 - San Antonio, Texas
Nation's Seventh-Largest City

Reasons to attend CEPA 2015:

National & International Exposure
Positive Recognition & Publicity
Networking & Outreach Opportunities

Keynote Speaker


Honorable Ivy R. Taylor
City of San Antonio

Biographical Sketch


Consortium Host
Consortium Host  
ctm tams ollupres ollap
Dr. Cynthia Matson, President
A&M University-San Antonio
  Dr. Diane E. Melby, President
Our Lady of the Lake University
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Dr. Ricardo Romo, President
The University of Texas
at San Antonio
Dr. Christie Cooper
Cooper Consulting Group Inc
Yorba Linda, California
Dr. Victor J. Boschini
Texas Christian University
Thomas Mengler, J.D., President
St. Mary's University
San Antonio
utsa2 ccg tcuc stmw
Represented by Dr. Jude Valdez /   Represented by Dr. Aaron Tyler
ggnh faac
Dr. Virginia Garland
College of Liberal Arts
University of New Hampshire
Dr. Forrest Aven, Dean
H-E-B School of Business & Administration
University of the Incarnate Word
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bos2 Big 12
Big 12
Look who’s coming: TCU

TCU, from the Big 12 Conference, is sending a class of doctoral students to CEPA 2015.
Pictured above, Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr., champions the success of faculty, staff and students.

Vision in Action

Leadership at a student-focused university

And, from the Southeastern Conference

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Presenter Mentors Presenter
  Look who else is in!

A Tier-One, very high research activity university
A unique,innovative international program

Doctoral Students
ag1 sec ss
Amy Ging   Samantha Shields

Scholars from the East:
University of New Hampshire  
pdp ollup cbp
Presenter Mentors Presenter
From OLLU:
First San Antonio institution of higher education to receive regional accreditation

uiwg ollug
UIW Honor Students OLLU McNair Scholars

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McNair Scholars

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Attending CEPA 2014

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A top-tier, private university in Malibu, California Presenter


“Dear Dr. Rodriguez, I am writing this letter as a thank you for letting me have the opportunity to participate and attend the CEPA conference in October.

I did not know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised at the kind of intelligent information that was presented. I was impressed by all that I witnessed: the lunches and the breakfast, the presentations and the panel discussion. Seeing the McNair scholars doing their presentations gave me the inspiration to give my all when it came time to do my presentation later that afternoon. The other presentations by the coordinators and professors were excellent as well, giving me an insight into how we are interwoven in our higher education system and beyond and why there is a constant need for leadership. I was also quite thrilled to receive the certificate after my presentation.

I met many young scholars, from different schools and made many contacts that I hope to keep in touch with as I continue on my educational career.

In closing, I would like to say that I want to continue to attend these conferences, yours especially. It reminds me of where I am going and what I doing with my life in academia.

Thank you again and I hope to see and speak to you again soon. Sincerely,” Cory Rayburg, MSOL – OLLU, November 2, 2015.


“I think this conference was great and was a super opportunity for all those who attended.  I appreciate how students (both undergrad and grad) oriented and friendly it is.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to learn and develop ourselves as future leaders.” Samantha Shields, Texas A&M University, 2015.

“I want to thank you and all those who made this event possible. This was my first CEPA conference and I know it will not be my last. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with professors and students from different universities. The conference was filled with informative discussions on leadership and excellent presentations. I will admit that I was nervous to present, but the audience showed genuine interest and made it a memorable experience. I look forward to next year’s conference. Carlos Ivan Acevedo, University of the Incarnate Word, 2015.

 “Thank you for a great experience with CEPA. I received a lot of positive feedback about my presentation and my poster.” Dr. Matari Jones Gunter, Our Lady of the Lake University, 2015

Sound offs from past CEPA conferences

Thanks for the opportunity to present our work on service learning in San Antonio. …we had a great experience, and look forward to next year.  We believe the CEPA conference will be one that can grow and we plan to visit with faculty and doctoral students to get them involved.  Dr. Cindy Boettcher and Dr. Janet Hammer, Texas A&M University at College Station.

Thank you so much, Fred!  Congratulations, once again, on your continuing commitment to excellence and to bringing together a diverse group of collaborators and partners.  It's always a pleasure to work with you…..I enjoy the company of my fellow deans as well—the panel is really enjoyable and I appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Continued best wishes—Dr. Betty Merchant, The University of Texas at San Antonio, October 9-11, 2014.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the School of Business and Leadership, I am pleased to offer this $1,000.00 donation to the furtherance of the CEPA mission! Dr. Robert Bisking, Dean, Our Lady of the Lake University, October 18-20, 2012.

I want to thank you again for the wonderful conference on Visionary Leadership: An Ethical and Innovative Approach to Empowerment that you organized in Corpus Christi earlier this month.  It was a truly outstanding event and I really appreciated the opportunity to attend, to meet all of the very talented people in attendance and also to have the privilege of addressing this group as a Keynote Speaker.  Everyone I talked to was very impressed with the timeliness of the topics and the mentoring approaches that permeated the conference, thanks to your leadership.  So, thank you again so much for putting this all together.  Extremely well done!  CONGRATULATIONS!! Dr. Larry Lemanski, Texas A&M University - Commerce, October 18-20, 2012.

The inspiring and intellectually stimulating conference has ended.  I was very impressed with your innovative program of powerful young future leaders.  It was a trail-blazing experience (to use the Texas vernacular). Dr. J. Fischer, Texas.

As always I feel so fortunate to have been a part of your work. Dr. Rodriguez, you are an inspiration and a focal point for positive humanist change that is so needed right now. You must continue to expand, the world is waiting...Elizabeth Kuder, California, 2002.

Dr. Rodriguez, Thank you very much for creating an environment open to free thinking. Erica Hobbs, New Mexico.

It is also a source of personal joy to know that there are people like Dr. Rodríguez and his outstanding team of colleagues who, though far removed from our daily lives, are still concerned and ready to help us by traveling from their country to unselfishly share their knowledge with us. On behalf of my country El Salvador, I want you to know that your efforts have not fallen on arid ground-on the contrary, your words have been the seed which will be multiplied by the efforts of everyone who has benefited from your work. Marion Francisco Salinas Hernandez, El Salvador

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