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Educating Through Leadership and Ethics
September 27, 2019 - San Antonio, Texas


Interdisciplinary Leadership
Developing Partnerships
Ethical Leadership
Focusing on a Strong Clear Vision
International Leadership
Promoting Mutual Understanding

General Information

To prepare leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow, this conference will focus on leadership models which deal with the emerging trends in globalization. Ethical, interdisciplinary, and international leadership are the three components driving this conferenceWe are interested in submissions that are conceptual and empirically-based research papers, abstracts, student papers, case studies and work-in-progress.


Imagining the Possibilities: Connecting the role of education with principles of democratic leadership and social justice advocacy, in connection to the three components of interdisciplinary, ethical and international leadership. 

Conference Strands

*Social Justice: Cultivating a democratic citizenship through the development of a critically aware and engaged citizenry; and, the philosophy and contemporary relevance of John Dewey in the promotion of social justice through civic engagement.
*Civic Engagement: Examining education as a civic responsibility to develop an empowered society. Revisiting the Role of the University: Promoting civic engagement through teacher education, school administrator leadership, and higher education leadership programs.
* Ethical Leadership: Utilizing to education as a platform to unpack ideals of democracy and/or morality with teaching, learning, and leadership. 

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LCD projector available to hook-up to your personal laptop computer
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Innovative educational paradigms describing a research project and/or your vision are also encouraged.  Visionary leaders from any field, possessing bold and adventurous ideas, can display their unique talent at this conference. Vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be!

Bring an easel to display your poster - Tables provided
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Points of Contact:
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Dr. Phyllis Duncan
Our Lady of the Lake University
Dr. Meghan Carmody-Bubb
Our Lady of the Lake University
"Final Call for Articles" Submission Deadline ~ October 16, 2017

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Call for Articles

CEPA welcomes articles from leading thinkers and scholars for the conference proceedings.  The distinguished publication

  • includes articles from all fields by persons who are dedicated to human advancement,
  • encourages submissions that relate to the foundations of human knowledge and emanate from any academic discipline or occupation, and which serve to contribute to interdisciplinary understanding,
  • follow editorial procedures that include critical reading by at least three referees with personal and sensitive attention to excellence and integrity in research and writing.
Presenters may submit their papers for consideration in CEPA's open-submission refereed proceedings. immediaely after their abstract have been accepted for presentation at the conference.

Submission guidelines: Use APA Format & Submit as a
Word Document

American Psychological Association (APA)

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) contains the rules of APA Style, for writing and publishing in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. The manual offers sound guidance for writing with simplicity, power, and concision.

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