The Crescent Rim community is a gem in Boise and the Treasure Valley. Living at Crescent Rim is enjoyable and rewarding. The camaraderie at Crescent Rim promotes the feeling that all individuals are valued.  Crescent Rim is very pet-friendly which enhances the active and social life-style.  Residents enjoy a healthy life at Crescent Rim. For them health is a state of commplete harmony of the body, mind, and soul, and how they align them determines the quality of life.

When you're named as one of the top places to live, you have to brag a little bit.


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Building 4 - 2967 Building 3- 3005 Building 2- 3059 Building 1- 3075


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Fred & Janet

Lock and Leave

With our condo, we feel comfortable when we leave for the weekend or when snow-birding for the winter. It's a great comfort to know that our home is protected and secure while we’re gone.

Get-Away in Cabo San Lucas
Snow-birding in Scottsdale, Arizonag


Britt & Terri Graves' Super Condo


Expats from Crescent Rim

Britt & Terri becoming expats in Madeira, Portugal

In 2021, the Graves’ made a big decision to become expats in Madeira, Portugal. Being the adventurous couple they are, it fits their creative thinking. Visiting and living in other countries teaches one how to develop a new perspective which will result in a positive change to one’s life.

All Madeira In 2 Days Tour


Britt, the Chef
In Action - Preparing Favorite Dish

Food is a Gateway to Friendship


 "Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind."

Don't just go where you want to go,
but run, jump, and dance as you are going.
That's life. Enjoy every moment of life.





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