Fred J. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
President/CEO, CEPA

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Dr. Federico Rodríguez's professional career covers a wide range of experience, to include serving as a college President, twenty years as a university professor, leader of international programs, director of federal grants, and as an Army officer with the Reserve and Active components. He holds a B.S. from Idaho State University, a M.Ed. from Colorado State University, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Utah. He has spent the past fifteen years directing international educational programs throughout the Americas. This extensive international experience has given him a strong understanding of Latin America and inter-American regional affairs.

Research Interests: Ethical, Interdisciplinary and International Leadership

In 1996 Dr. Rodriguez developed Collaborative Educational Programs for the Americas (CEPA). CEPA serves as a model for educational restructuring for the 21st Century by promoting ethical, interdisciplinary, and international leadership. CEPA embraces vision, risk and change for creating qualified instructional leaders to carry out new collaborative initiatives in a global community. The CEPA concept has been well-received, hailed as innovative and strongly endorsed by prominent individuals from academia, business, law enforcement, the military, as well as political leaders. CEPA has also been endorsed by Ministries of Education, Law Enforcement, Defense, and External Relations from Latin America. The CEPA Website is:

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