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Large Luxury Guest Rooms

Experience these luxury and beautiful rooms, each with extremely large and comfortable beds and heavy sheets to make your guests feel cozy.  Each room has lots of amenities and a wonderful ambiance as you walk along beautiful corridors to your room which brings instant harmony. Guest suite reservations can be booked six (6) months in advance. Please remind your guests that smoking is not allowed in the suites or anywhere on the Crescent Rim premises.

How do I make reservations:
Contact: Jose Tovar
Submit: Reservation Form

Depot Suite in Building 4

Large, spacious visitors’ parking ports are available in the driveways at both sides of Crescent Rim.  Residents should inform their guests, to include home cleaning services, health caregivers, etc., to use these parking spots to keep the driveways and area around the fountains clear of congestion. In an emergency, if paramedic ambulances and firetrucks are blocked, cars will be towed at owner’s expense. Let’s not wait for that to happen. Besides, with many of the ground-level condos being occupied, residents look forward to an open scene, free of any vehicles blocking their view. Take care of your guests/visitors. Being a good neighbor counts. Read more …





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