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Karen Gentry Cochran

kgc14When I lay it out on paper, my life seems a bit lackluster, but I’m very busy and very happy, so that’s what matters.   College and 43 years of working with students and their teachers followed graduation from Henley.  Helping students become better readers and writers is my passion, and even though I’m two years into retirement, I’m still blessed to do a little consulting work. 

48 years ago I married a fun-loving West Virginia hillbilly I met at college.  After teaching a few years in NM, Billy and I settled in Maryland where he started a construction business that we’ll soon turn over to our son.  We produced 2 crumb-snatchers and now have 3grand-crumbsnatchers.  Ironically, our first-born married a Klamath Falls lad she met when she attended Oregon State Univ.  They, their daughter, and their son live near St. Helens, OR – way too far from Maryland.  Thankfully, our son lives near us, and we frequently enjoy his 11-year-old son’s sports, school activities, etc. Billy and I also spend lots of time in southern West Virginia playing and working at our house and some river land we have there, as well as maintaining a farm where we hunt, fish, ride 4-wheelers, and sometimes even farm. 

My free time is occupied with vegetable gardening, sewing, researching ancestry, and sweeping up mounds of dog hair that perpetually fall off our house critter.  My dad, brother, and cousins still live in the Klamath area, so we get in there a couple times of year.  We also travel a few weeks annually, nothing exotic, but always fun.  My pic reveals a good bit of gray, a few extra pounds, and plenty of wrinkles, but the young (old?) Karen still resides behind the fading eyes and enlarging ears.  

Dawn Hale Mitchell

dhms.....hmmmm, where to begin. I have had a MAJOR life change. I am now married to my high school sweetheart, Daryl Mitchell, a '64 KU grad. We have Tom Schiff (and one of his lengthy emails) to thank for reuniting us. If he had not mentioned my name and caught Daryl's interest after the last reunion, we would not be together now.

We live in Arlington, Texas with our 2 dogs, Sylvia and Hannah. We love to go to Ranger games, movies, local events, enjoy travel and exploring new areas together. We spend a lot of time with Daryl's four grandkids and wish we could travel more to the Northwest to spend time with my grandkids.

Daryl is still working at Oldcastle Precast. I did some substitute teaching in the Arlington School District last year. I have accepted a tutoring position there for the next school year.

I still have my awesome horse, Wink. We placed in the top 10 in Western Riding and Trail at the National Appaloosa Show in June. We are working to compete at the World Show in Forth Worth this fall. I also still have a passion for knitting and learning new patterns and techniques.

Long story....short: I am extremely happy and thank God for every day I get.

Linda Huff-Eigenraam

huffMy husband (of 52 years) and I are going to Holland for three months. My husband was born there and we will get to do lots of exploring of Holland and Europe. We are still living on Whidbey Island in northern Washington State. We have done lots of other traveling. We went around the Southern Hemisphere, touring South America, Antarctica, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  We have four grandchildren, three boys and a girl, ranging in ages from 22-10. They live close and we see them often. I have been unlucky and have had breast cancer twice, but I am doing well now. I hope all of the replies will be published, so we can read what everyone is doing.

Cheryl Thurman-Anderson

This is Cheryl, excited about the United States Women's National Soccer team winning the 2019 Women's World Cup Title. Since high school, she has always been engaged in almost everything, sharing her experiences and love of life. We’re certainly tracking Cheryl, knowing that she will keep us all engaged.  The moment the Women’s Team won, she reached out instantly, had others sharing their excitement about the victory, the United States, and our youth.  Wonderful!







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